Grenfell inquiry won't satisfy government's legal obligations

24 August, 2017

Lawyers have warned that the Terms of reference for the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire may not satisfy the government's legal obligations to investigate the full circumstances of the tragedy [...]

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Advice on service charge dispute with your landlord

23 June, 2017

Service Charge disputes are one of the main causes of landlord and tenant disputes – but landlords are obliged by law to present [...]

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Medical negligence claims

19 July, 2017

Medical negligence claims are different from personal Injury claims in that they require you, the Claimant, to prove two separate things [...]

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Redundancy pay employee entitlements and compromise agreements

9 June, 2017

An employee is dismissed for redundancy and may qualify for redundancy pay if the following conditions are satisfied: the employer has ceased or intends to cease [...]

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Party Wall Awards, Appeals and Injunctions

26 May, 2017

Party Wall disputes arise when a landowner wants to make structural changes to their property which may have an effect on their neighbour’s property. This is most commonly because

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Employment law, Article 50 and Brexit

24 May, 2017

Few areas of UK law can boast a level of European influence as substantial as employment law. Legislation emanating from the European Union has arguably become the leading source of UK employment law over the last fifteen to twenty years.

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