Section 8 Tenant Eviction Notice and Coronavirus Act 2020

26 May, 2020

Section 8 notice and the temporary procedure to evict a tenant who has stopped paying rent in light of the Coronavirus Act 2020...

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Commercial Lease Solicitor London

3 January, 2020

A commercial lease is not completely distinct from a residential landlord and tenant agreement. However, there are some key differences and complexities involved...

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Shared Ownership Staircasing Solicitors provide advice on Staircasing

20 November, 2019

Starck Uberoi Shared Ownership Staircasing solicitors explain Staircasing to increase your shared ownership in a property.

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Transfer of property to your spouse

11 October, 2019

An update on the recent changes in legislation to reduce stamp duty liability surrounding transfer of equity between spouses and the position surrounding divorce...

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Leasehold Consultation on Lease Extension Reform

11 September, 2019

Some of the proposed changes leasehold reform could bring, in contrast to the current law, to help you decide if you should wait for your lease extension...

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Can I evict my tenant if they have complained about disrepair?

24 May, 2019

Are you attempting to find a London-based Landlord & Tenant Solicitor to evict your tenant? Our specialist Landlord & Tenant Solicitor outlines Retaliatory Eviction with a Section 21 Notice once a disrepair allegation has been made by the tenant.

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Evicting Squatters: Travellers return to Ealing Common

8 March, 2019

Ealing Council were forced to take legal action against yet another traveller encampment who have set up again on Ealing common. A Section 77 notice had previosuly been issued, meaning that if the squatters failed to leave the common the Council would apply to the court for an eviction notice.

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How do I negotiate a Lease Extension on my property in London?

28 October, 2018

How to negotiate a lease extension and why you need a Chartered Surveyor to carry out a valuation before you extend your lease.

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Serving a Section 42 Notice for a Lease Extension in London

23 October, 2018

A guide to the procedures and requirements for carrying out a lease extension on your London property via a Section 42 Notice. [...]

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Leaseholders are being ripped off for lease extensions

30 August, 2017

An LSE study has shown that leaseholders are being charged extortionate fees to extend their lease extensions on their property [...]

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