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Online Conveyancing Solicitors

by Raminder Uberoi — Posted on 8 July, 2020

Introducing our brand-new app for clients to connect with our online conveyancing solicitors

We at Starck Uberoi know that our clients lead busy lives. With so much to do, keeping track of your conveyancing transaction can be hard, and the idea of trawling through hundreds of emails exhausting to even think about. So, we decided to create a way for our clients to access our online conveyancing solicitors at a time which is good for them while being able to check their case on the go.

With our new easy to use online conveyancing solicitors app, you can now access your case anytime and anywhere, and communicate with your solicitor at the touch of a button, making the conveyancing process just that much easier for you.

The benefits of online conveyancing solicitors

Even today, many solicitors rely on postal services and face-to-face appointments with their clients. Face-to-face appointments often take at least an hour to complete and in most cases, several would be required to sign all the paperwork in person. Even where solicitors use postal services, letters can take up to three days to arrive, meaning even more delays – especially if any errors are made. This is why our online conveyancing solicitors decided to utilise the gifts of modern technology and bring our excellent client care and advice to you in an accessible and innovative format.

On average, the conveyancing process can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to be finished. Urgency is of significant importance in conveyancing for several reasons:

  • Some properties require an exchange of contracts within 28 days
  • The buyer may be very unhappy in their current home and desperate to move to somewhere new
  • Parents may want to move into a new area before their children are due to start at a new school
  • The seller may be selling the house quickly because they urgently need the money

At Starck Uberoi, we already work primarily over email and telephone, meaning our clients spend less time waiting for letters and appointments. We provide instant online quotes through our website, from which you can instruct us with the click of one button to save you time searching for the right service for you. Plus, our online client portal allows you to easily access the details of your case at any time of the day. To find out more about how we keep the conveyancing process moving swiftly, please read our blog post on Fast Conveyancing.


Why make an app?

While making the switch to online has made the conveyancing process easier, there are still some flaws. Jammed inboxes have replaced piles of letters at the door, documents can become buried in folder after folder and cyber-crime poses a new threat to anyone conducting business online. Plus, simply being online doesn’t necessarily mean accessibility – you still have to find time to log in and go through various portals just to see the most basic information about your case.

We at Starck Uberoi are committed to always doing better for our clients. Our free app allows you to view your conveyancing transaction from your phone at any time of the day and contact our online conveyancing solicitors, no matter where you are.


Quicker and Easier

Our app has a number of features to make your conveyancing transaction as efficient as possible, including:

  • Real-time updates on your transaction’s progress
    – The app will notify you when each step of the process is completed, keeping everyone updated. That way, you and other parties know exactly what needs to be done next, meaning you don’t need to spend more of your time on the phone or sending emails.
  • Free instant online quotes:
  • On our website, you can obtain a free, instant online quote, and click one button from there to instruct our solicitors. These online quotes provide a detailed breakdown of our fees, meaning you can rest assured that there will be no hidden charges.
  • Fast sending and receiving of documents
    – You can send and receive documents directly through the app, instead of having to log on and send them from your desktop or as a letter. This allows you to advance your transaction’s progress wherever you are, whenever you have the time.
  • Live chat feature:

– Our in-app live chat feature allows you to communicate directly through your appointed online conveyancing solicitor quickly and easily.

  • Contact details
    – The app makes it easy to find the email and telephone numbers of all parties to ensure quick and easy communication between everyone involved in your case.
  • Client feedback delivered through the app
    – We take our clients’ feedback very seriously and use it to improve our services. With the app, you can share your suggestions easily with us to help us further exceed our clients’ expectations.


Accessible anywhere

Having our app on your phone means you can make the most out of your time by being able to manage your case on the go. Once you’ve logged in, with the touch of a button you can view all the details of your transaction in full, in a clear and easy format. Whether you just want to check your online quote, find the precise breakdown of your case or have a question for one of our online conveyancing solicitors, you can find all the information regarding your case, with real-time updates and direct access to your appointed solicitor making sure you don’t miss anything.

The app also stores the email and phone number of your solicitor in an easy-to-find place to save you time.


Safe and Secure

With the rise of the internet, cyber safety has become a huge concern for many of our clients, especially when sharing private documents. Our app was designed with security as top priority, to give our clients peace of mind when using it to send documents or make payments.

The app uses two-factor authentication for logging in to prevent hackers easily being able to access your account. This keeps logging in simple for you but almost impossible for anyone else. Therefore, with its advanced cyber security features, your documents will be kept completely safe from prying eyes and we can handle your transaction with the assurance that your case is secure.

Our personalised approach

At Starck Uberoi, we know that all of our clients are different and may have different requirements, which is why we adapt our service to best fit our client’s needs and priorities.

  • Will I be provided with one dedicated solicitor to handle my case?
    – We appoint one of our specialist online conveyancing solicitors to every case to make sure each case is handled as efficiently as possible. After instructing us, you will receive the email address and phone number of your dedicated solicitor which you may contact at any stage of the conveyancing process to speak directly with them.
  • Can I still book a face-to-face appointment?
    – For our clients who prefer things to be done in person, you can still arrange a face-to-face appointment at one of our offices by calling or emailing us. All of our offices are located near public transport services and parking so that all of our clients can easily reach us.
  • Are your services affordable?

– We aim to provide a more affordable service for our clients than our competitors. That’s why we operate on a fixed fee basis and are completely transparent about our prices from the moment you request your free online quote, so you can be confident when you instruct us.

How Starck Uberoi can Help

Once you instruct one of our online conveyancing solicitors through our client portal, you will be sent information detailing how to install our free app.  From there, you will have a more convenient way to oversee your specific conveyancing case, ensuring a fast and easy conveyancing process for you.

To start your conveyancing process today, please go to our website for your free instant conveyancing quote. To book an appointment  at one of our offices, please contact us on 02088406640 or at We are based in Ealing, BrentfordCanterbury and London Belgravia.

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