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Saffron Building Society Conveyancing Panel Solicitor

Are you buying, re-mortgaging or carrying out a Transfer of Equity on a property with a Saffron Building Society mortgage? Our Saffron Building Society conveyancing panel Solicitors can assist you.

Want an Instant Online Saffron Building Society conveyancing quote?

By using our online conveyancing calculator, you will receive an instant solicitors fee for arranging your conveyancing with our specialist conveyancing firm who have been approved by the lender, Saffron Building Society.  Simply enter a few details into the Online Conveyancing Quote to automatically generate a conveyancing quote for your property purchase, sale, or re-mortgage. Whether you are taking out a mortgage on a house or flat, or you are looking to re-mortgage your current property, Starck Uberoi’s property solicitors can work with your lender, Saffron Building Society, to ensure all the legal aspects of your mortgage are dealt with effectively.

Are you looking for a Saffron Building Society Conveyancing Panel Solicitor near you?

We are one of Saffron Building Society’s accredited London-based solicitors on the Saffron Building Society conveyancing panel. This means that we can act on your behalf and deal with the legal aspects of your property transaction, as we have gone through Saffron Building Society’s risk checks to ensure we can deliver high standards of client service. As we are one of the bank’s select group of trusted partners listed on their panel, you can obtain an instant conveyancing fee quote for your home mortgage with Saffron Building Society by clicking on our Online Conveyancing Calculator.

What is a Lender Conveyancing Panel?

Banks, building societies and other mortgage lenders provide a list of mortgage solicitors who meet their strict legal requirements. This list is known as a Conveyancing Panel. Solicitors’ firms are selected by lenders, such as Saffron Building Society to ensure they can meet the highest standards of client service. Additionally, having a Conveyancing Panel helps to reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft.

CQS Approved Conveyancers

We are full members of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS). This not only provides credibility to Saffron Building Society but also a reassurance to you that we follow best practice and meet the required standards of technical expertise and client service. It also ensures that we can satisfy regulators, lenders and insurers.

Does my mortgage solicitor need to be on the Saffron Building Society Panel?

Saffron Building Society needs to ensure that your instructed property lawyer sits as an approved Saffron Building Society conveyancing panel solicitor, as solicitors are obliged to ensure Saffron Building Society’s security is protected. This includes compliance with the instructions of the Council for Mortgage Lenders handbook. If your solicitor is not on the panel then you may suffer delays in the process and consequently be subject to additional conveyancing solicitor fees. This is because your new solicitor will not be able to act on the lender’s behalf, as well as yours. Resultantly, all matters will need to go through both the lender’s legal team and your property solicitor’s. 

Are you looking for a Transfer of Equity with Saffron Building Society?

If you are looking to add or remove an owner to or from a property you will need to obtain permission from your lender. This means that if you have a Saffron Building Society mortgage for your house you will need to inform Saffron Building Society, as they are a party concerned in the Transfer of Equity. Saffron Building Society’s consent is therefore essential since they will want to assess the income/rent affordability with the creditworthiness of the person who the property is being transferred to. 

Can I extend the lease on my home if I have a Saffron Building Society Mortgage? – Deed of Substitution

You will need consent from your lender, Saffron Building Society if you wish to extend the lease on your property whilst you have a mortgage with them. This is to ensure that the money that Saffron Building Society have lent you is protected. Your property solicitor will be required to arrange this for you by obtaining a Deed of Substitution from Saffron Building Society. Your Saffron Building Society panel lawyer can also assist you in arranging to extend your lease through a Section 42 Notice. In order for you to carry out your lease extension, your mortgage solicitor will need to be on the Saffron Building Society conveyancing panel. Starck Uberoi’s conveyancing solicitors can help deal all the legal aspects of your lease extension if you have a mortgage with Saffron Building Society.

Do I need consent from Saffron Building Society if I am Splitting the Title of my Property? – Deed of Release

If you are splitting the title of your freehold property or creating new leases in your property, you will need the consent of the lender, Saffron Building Society. This is because Saffron Building Society will want to ensure that the property value is not undermined so as to adversely affect their security. They will, therefore, require their approved conveyancing panel lawyer to deal with the conveyancing on their behalf. The conveyancing panel solicitor will then arrange for Saffron Building Society to seal a Deed of Release. This legal document ultimately releases the lenders charge over the part of the property being removed from the title.

Why is it important to get the right mortgage solicitor from the panel?

As property transactions can often feel like a long and strenuous process, it is essential that you find an experienced conveyancing lawyer from a firm that has been approved by your lender. Because mortgaging a property is an important process, finding a conveyancing lawyer with a proven track record ensures your mortgage is dealt with effectively and will ultimately save you time and money.

We are experienced in handling property transactions with Saffron Building Society, so whether you are buying, selling or remortgaging your home we can attend to your matter quickly and efficiently. Click on our online conveyancing calculator to get an instant quote for our Saffron Building Society panel property lawyers today.

Irrevocable Nomination of legal representative for notices

For ex-pat mortgages Saffron Building Society require us to provide your lender an Irrevocable nomination for acceptance of service for any notices in relation to your mortgage contract. It is not always easy to find a solicitor to take on this ongoing obligation. We can confirm that Starck Uberoi solicitors are familiar with the procedure and regulated to accept nomination. We do not make any additional charge for this ongoing service.


Saffron Building Society offer an eco-mortgage in its strive to help the planet by offering a lower interest rate the more energy-efficient a property is. Our in-house mortgage broker can provide you with more advice on this product.

Do you need to find a conveyancing solicitor registered on the Saffron Building Society Panel?

If so, please email our conveyancing team at Alternatively, to make an appointment at our West London Ealing office located 10 minutes from Ealing Broadway station call 020 8840 6640. For an appointment at our London Belgravia office, a few minutes from Victoria Station call 020 7824 5118.

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