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by Raminder Uberoi — Posted on 18 October, 2019

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West London property lawyers: Starck Uberoi feature in ‘Legal Futures’

‘Legal futures’ is a leading news resource, providing updates about the legal market and market intelligence for law firms.  On the 7th of December 2018 They published ‘What transparency? Only 28% of websites showed prices’ whereby they explained that only 28% of law firms are compliant with the rules established by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in relation to price transparency. The article illustrates how only 14 out of 50 law firms at the time provided the necessary information on their website that the SRA require. This information includes clear fee information, information about services and details of staff members. From their research they found that Starck Uberoi was noted as being one of the few law firms whose website directly complied with the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s rules, and our west London property lawyers were specifically mentioned as being one of the few examples of law firms that provides “comprehensive information” to its clients. Read the full article here.

Our instant price calculator

Our instant price calculator allows you to see the breakdown of some of the costs that we may have to incur on your behalf, this includes stamp duty. This instant calculator allows you to see all the fees that will have to be paid throughout the process of your transaction to prevent any surprise costs later. Our west London property lawyers try to make our services as affordable as possible, our instant calculator upholds our price transparency which aims to make you aware of what needs to be paid before the process begins. VAT is also added onto any fees.


What is our Pricing structure?

Our west London property lawyers guarantee that one of our qualified solicitors will provide a personal service and oversee your transaction to completion. We aim to provide an affordable service and our price transparency means there are no hidden charges, we emphasis on effective communication, which we believe is key to effective conveyancing provide regular progress updates, a direct telephone number and email access to your solicitor to ensure all advice is tailored specifically to your requirements.  Our west London property lawyers have relationships with all the major high street mortgage lenders and are fully registered on their conveyancing panels.


What is Conveyancing?

The Conveyancing process is a legal process by which property ownership is passed from one person to another either through selling or remortgaging property, lease extensions or transferring ownership of the property if it is being sold. This process is the legal and administrative work that must take place so that the buyer can gain legal ownership. This usually begins once an offer has been made and subsequently accepted. Our west London property lawyers will then conduct Local Authority searches, check land planning in the local area and inform you of any issues or of any incurred costs, such as stamp duty. Stamp duty is a tax which is collected by the government on every home that costs more than £125,000.


How does the conveyancing process work?

Our experienced west London property lawyers work together with our in-house mortgage brokers to look over the documents and check that all the information is correct and advise on any issues that may appear before proceeding with the transaction.

Firstly, we contact the solicitors acting for the seller and ask them to send us a contract package. Once received, we will check the details and raise any enquiries. Once the search results and mortgage offer have been received, we will send you the Contract and Mortgage Documents to sign.

A property deposit will then have to be paid and once we are in possession of the signed contract, mortgage offer and cleared funds for your deposit we will then notify the sellers solicitor that we are ready to exchange. When your seller is ready and the moving date is agreed we will “exchange contracts”. The sale is then legally confirmed and binding on both parties.

Final searches will then be carried out and you will be sent a completion statement, requesting you to pay any balance due and apply for your mortgage money. On completion day we will send the completion money to the seller’s solicitors once received by the seller’s solicitors, they will then authorise the seller or his estate agent to release the keys to you and our west London property lawyers will then register you on the Land Registry and pay any stamp duty.


How long do conveyancing transactions take?

It is difficult to give an exact time scale for this type of work due to the number of variables involved. However, these types of cases can take anywhere between four to eight weeks, this is because the process relies on two-way communication which sometimes causes delays. Our west London property lawyers’ partnership with Starck Uberoi Mortgages aims to reduce the likelihood of delays as we know these inconvenience the client and increases the cost of the process.


Lender panels

Our west London property lawyers association with major lenders on lender panels ( Halifax, Santander, HSBC, Nationwide, NatWest, Coventry Building Society , Kent Reliance and Barclays. means that we are able to talk to major lenders and find the best mortgage options available. These panels exist so that conveyancing firms do not have to supply the same data to different lenders, this ensures a consistent service between solicitors and lenders. These lenders often require their firms to be accredited under the law society’s Conveyancing quality scheme, this is because the panels allow the solicitor to act on behalf of the lender and therefore the firm needs to be of a specific quality to ensure an easy and smooth experience.

Lenders use your income, credit history and outgoing payments to determine what size of mortgage you are entitled to. Most of the time Lenders will only refuse to mortgage a property if it’s not reliable security and therefore only lend money if the equity of the property is equal to the amount of the loan this is because the lender needs to be confident in their ability to resell the property in the future or get the loan back. For information on what lender panels we are on you can see a full list here.


Fee information

As required under the SRA price transparency guidelines 2018 our west London property lawyers publish our price and service information. At Starck Uberoi, our services usually operate on a fixed fee basis for residential conveyancing matters. However, if the circumstances of the work changes or the assumptions upon which our fee is based change, this fixed fee will no longer applies. In that case your solicitor will discuss a revised fee with you before proceeding any further with your matter. Value Added Tax (VAT) will also be added to each fee-note.


Non conveyancing services that fall under the regulations:

  • Uncontested probate

The key stages of any Probate matter our west London property lawyers take up depend on the individual circumstances and assets of the individual.

We will discuss any estimated charges with you during the consultation as it is difficult to give an exact cost as different cases involve differing amounts of work.

  • Motoring offences

The Solicitor will expand on the procedural steps of these types of cases at the initial consultation meeting as this can vary greatly based on individual circumstance.

The fee for these services is determined by how many hours you specified matter requires and the estimated cost is discussed during the initial meeting.

  • Immigration

Our Immigration matters are conducted on a Fixed Fee Basis to help ensure that our clients are aware of the costs upfront.

The Fee Earner will give you an estimation of the time frames and will keep you updated of any changes throughout the process.

  • Employment tribunals for unfair or wrongful dismissal

The fee will be determined on how many hours are conducted on your matter and the specified rate charge of the fee earner.

But again, our west London property lawyers will discuss any estimated charges with you upfront at the initial consultation so that you have an idea of the cost.

How Starck Uberoi can help

For more information, please visit our prices or Conveyancing pages, or to book an appointment please call 020 8840 6640. We are based in Ealing; our West London Ealing office is located 10 minutes from Ealing Broadway station. For an appointment at our London Belgravia office a few minutes from Victoria Station call 020 7824 5118.


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