Wills & Probate

Wills and Probate


A Last Will and Testament is a vital legal document made by an individual governing what happens to their money, property and possessions after their death. A valid Will allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are taken care of.

Having a validly executed Will ensures that:

  • Your estate does not go to the Treasury rather than your loved ones or desired beneficiaries.

  • Your property is distributed by those who you trust to those who you love.

  • Unmarried partners can inherit from each other, reducing the risk of creating serious financial problems for the remaining partner and any children if a Will is not drafted.

  • A family run business be kept within the family and passed on to those of your choice, with potential tax advantages.

  • It may be possible to reduce the amount of tax payable on the inheritance if advice is taken in advance.

  • You can specify your wishes for your remains, be it cremation, burial or medical research and even apportion part of your property to assist with the costs of this.

Our Will specialists understand the complex processes involved in creating a Will and therefore aim to simplify the law in this area, providing you with a Will which is tailored to your specific needs.

At Starck Uberoi, we strongly advise that you update your Will on a regular basis, preferably every 5 years. It is, after all, vital to ensure that your most up to date intentions are taken into consideration, so if you have divorced, re-married or your personal circumstances have changed, please call our expert Wills and Probate Lawyers on 0208 840 6640 or email us at solicitor@starckuberoi.co.uk to update or create your Will.


Probate is a document issued by the court confirming a personal representative’s entitlement to deal with an estate. At Starck Uberoi, we advise our clients immediately if a Grant of Representation is needed. In the event that this is required, we can handle all of the necessary paperwork for you.

If the deceased has left a Will, an application must be made to the Probate Registry for a Grant of Probate. The executors named in the Will must distribute the estate in accordance with the intentions of the Will.

If the deceased did not make a Will and therefore died ‘intestate’, an application must be made for a Grant of Letters to Administration. The persons who can apply for these are governed by statute, but are usually the next of kin. The law will state how the estate is to be distributed and these are known as ‘Intestacy Rules’.

Whether there is a written Will or whether one needs to make an application for a Grant of Letters of Administration, our experienced team can help you every step of the way. Please get in touch with our Wills and Probate Solicitors on 0208 840 6640 or email us at solicitor@starckuberoi.co.uk.

Free Wills Month and Amnesty International Make a Will Fortnight

At Starck Uberoi, we wholeheartedly support the vital human rights work carried out by Amnesty International, as well as the more general charitable services that organisations such as Age UK, the British Heart Foundation and Comic Relief provide across the UK and wider world. On this basis, our firm participates with enthusiasm in Cancer Research will legacy scheme, Amnesty International’s Make a Will Fortnight and the multi-charity backed Free Wills Month and Will Aid on an annual basis.

Private Client Services

There is always a need for advice in this area thanks to life’s two certainties: death and taxes.

Our private client department typically understands the client’s affairs and works closely to provide services applicable to all areas of peoples’ lives. Some of our clients need one-off guidance, but others instruct us throughout their lifetimes to provide advice on their personal and family matters.

Individual clients, business owners and families have always been at the heart of our practice. We guide clients through the challenges of managing their wealth as it and the world around you evolve. While laws and taxes change constantly, we remain alert to developments in the UK and overseas, and put our own research and thinking at your disposal.

Our aim is to provide you with a cohesive, comprehensive and workable framework for the management of your assets, working alongside your and our other professional advisers as needed. Whether you require advice on tax, commerce or the orderly transfer of your wealth to the next generation (or any combination of these), we will guide you smoothly through the process, both domestically and internationally.

Our private client practice brings together specialist lawyers that can advise on all areas of family law, trust, tax and estate planning, ranging from divorce and financial settlements to personal wealth management and tax advice. We have an expert pool of knowledge, helping our clients to mitigate tax, structure their affairs, preserve their property and pass it on to their successors. We have experience of estate and succession planning, tax and property structuring, and settling family disputes.

Our clients’ needs are diverse; from those who may be considering writing their first Will and buying their first home together, to those with complex financial arrangements or generational wealth. Each and every one of our private clients has a unique set of circumstances. We recognise this, and draw upon our expertise and experience to provide bespoke advice and practical solutions for each individual.

An individual or family can come to Starck Uberoi confident that they will receive the highest standard of professional advice across a range of practice areas. Our private client services team providing clear and practical legal advice to clients in the UK and abroad. We are renowned for our open and pragmatic approach, basing our service around the needs of our clients to deliver straightforward solutions to what are often complex matters.

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